The Story So Far


The Property  A late 1960's single storey single span 1,860 sqm/20,000 sqft industrial building, let to Weston Aerospace when we bought it in 2000. Slough Estates had inherited it when taking over Percy Bilton, but found it too small for their portfolio. We obtained planning consent for B8 trade counter use as we had planned to exploit the building's frontage to Mollison Avenue, upgrade and relet at an enhanced rent.

The lease to Weston Aerospace expired. It was inside the Act and Weston wanted to stay. We wanted them to go but compromised on a deal whereby Weston stayed, but only for a short time, so we were able to plan our upgrade.

Why Buy?  A standalone good quality, but 1960's, industrial building in a good location fronting the main road through Enfield. It was also well positioned on its site, being in one corner so that although density was 50%, all of the external area was useable.

Why Sell?  A local occupier heard about our plans, approached us and made an offer that we could not refuse. We agreed to sell at 1,130 sqm/105 per sqft, a record price for a building of this size and age in Enfield. We had planned to upgrade but the offer made by the occupier was such that these plans no longer made economic sense.

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